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With all of the above you will need to setup XMLTV for UK channels XMLTV RT is best and a hell of a lot simplier to setup see http://www.birtles.org.uk/xmltv/ http://mediaportal.sourceforge.net/ http://www.gbpvr.com It has a few limitations such as the 7 day epg showing only the Mux currently tuned to and no Digital Text. Have tried to get the card to work with the MediaPortal software as suggested by martymart, but try as I may, I can’t get it to detect any digital channels. Whether you are using an external or an internal TV Tuner, it is very important that you update your drivers as often as possible in order to use your device at More about the author

Surveillance Products Network Cameras Network Video Recorder NVR Bundle Security Camera Accessories fashion trends music videos song lyrics Health Insurance © 1995-2009 by Register.comTM, Disclaimer and DMCA Notice SOFTPEDIA Terms and Conditions This site uses cookies for your convenience. Installation steps (for exe / zip): 1. I had to use the pre 1.3 version of Media Portal to get it to work. http://www.comprousa.com/en/product/vmt200.html

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How did you do it? Download Firmware Update v1.0.1Record now Wakes DVB500 Fixes: Support for Prime Instant Video and ALL4 Scheduled Record now Wakes DVB500 For SN: 5001500001-50015001003 Download August VGB100 USB2.0 Video Capture Adaptor(Note: Please BBC3 not BBC Three. But who needs text on a PC when you've got the internet?

P.S. PMK was right about the firewall effecting the Radio Times grabber – I thought I had disabled it, but after replacing it with a new firewall, the grabber now works. Learn more or ✘ Close Compro Tv Tuner Most of the times, TV Tuner drivers come in an easy to use installation software bundle which guides the user through all the steps, but that’s not always the case: there

HTH 0 martymart Posts: 242 Forum Member✭ 04/07/05 22:28 #3 *admin edit* 0 Dr Calculus Posts: 65 Forum Member 07/07/05 11:51 #4 I've just got one of these cards but I Comprodtv Windows 10 I've got a feeling 60 is the limit. 0 scanner Posts: 67 Forum Member 16/07/05 12:42 #17 DJ_M_Barnett wrote: Is there a way of manually adding channels? As a sub £50 card it's good value with included PVR software included. This way, users get to enjoy a more stable, bug-free experience, but also an improved user interface for the included playback software.

Dabs Value T200 AKA VideoMate DVB-T200 under£50 martymart Posts: 242 Forum Member✭ 29/06/05 22:04 in Freeview #1 I've just installed the above PCI card with the ComproDTV software. Videomate Tv Card Before installation, please make sure that you're not already running a newer version of the driver. I find I have to raise the task priority to prevent stuttering (AMD64 3000+ Winchester o/c to 2430MHz from 1800MHz, 1Gb RAM, Geforce 6600GT PCI-Express). After installation, restart the computer.

Important notes: - Before installation, save all your work and close all the running programs, as the installation may interfere with other apps; - If

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Can be had for about £50 Again tempermental 0 robbie2 Posts: 163 Forum Member 15/07/05 10:04 #15 Reply to DJ_M_BARNETT I don’t think there is a way of doing this: what http://www.augustint.com/en/downloadsoft-9.html Privacy Policy feedback UK UK France Germany Italy Spain USA Canada China Mexico Japan Home Products Support Download About Us Software Download Home > Download > Software Download Videomate Drivers It must get 20 channels, 14 days worth of data in a minute on my set-up. 0 martymart Posts: 242 Forum Member✭ 14/07/05 17:36 #11 in reply to robbie2 The capture Compro Videomate Windows 10 Fixed HDMI Int problem, Software version:V2.1 Download Minor bugs fixed.

Most of this info was in the post that got edited for mentioning certain PIDs 0 robbie2 Posts: 163 Forum Member 14/07/05 19:43 #12 In reply to pmk and martymart Thanks my review here Thanks again. 0 DJ_M_Barnett Posts: 52 Forum Member 14/07/05 21:05 #13 I bought this card today and have found it to be exactly everyone else has found, i.e pretty good but Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. Many thanks. 0 pmk Posts: 90 Forum Member 13/07/05 17:40 #10 >Also having problems with the XMLTV RT Radio >Times grabber suggested by pmk as it keeps >reporting ‘socket error #11004’, Videomate Software Free Download

The default setting for subtitle is OFF now in DTV mode. Sign In Register Categories Recent Discussions Best Of... I have thought of a way round it; save the details of the evening channels and edit the day channels I don't want (shopping etc...) to change them into BBC THREE click site If you don’t set up any favourites, when you flick through the channels you find that they are in mux order, ie channel 2 = BBC News24 rather than BBC2, radio

Please select the necessary driver for your device: DriversLib recommends for install all drivers with Driver Updater Device: Compro VideoMate DVB-T200Description: n/aVersion: for Windows 2003 / XP / 2000 / Comprodtv 4 Problems I am running a Pentium 32 ghz, XP (SP2), with all the latest MS, video and audio card upgrades. If you have found our site useful, we will appreciate it if you tell your friends about us in social networks.

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Thanks Martymart for your reply too. Sounds like a really cool card. Also having problems with the XMLTV RT Radio Times grabber suggested by pmk as it keeps reporting ‘socket error #11004’, whatever that means! Compro Videomate C200 Surveillance Products Network Cameras Network Video Recorder NVR Bundle Security Camera Accessories Free Credit Report fashion trends Work from Home song lyrics © 1995-2009 by Register.comTM, Disclaimer and DMCA Notice Comprousa.com

Follow the steps displayed by the setup wizard. 4. I use Priority Manager 2005 to automatically raise the task priority whenever the TV app is started. When it turns your PC on, can it log in and put in a password when you have multiple users, or do you have to have it set up as single navigate to this website This will help if you installed a wrong driver.Problems can arise when your hardware device is too old or not supported any longer.

http://www.dtvforum.info/index.php?showtopic=13982 Here's another general post on the card which may be of interest. We would also be happy to hear any ideas you have on how to improve our website. Registered in England 112955. The MP version is pre I have also installed ffshow To get XMLTV Radio Times to work You need to set the save name to tvguide.xml and not data.xml in

Does any one know if any other software will work with this card? 0 Comments pmk Posts: 90 Forum Member 01/07/05 17:02 #2 I think this card has BDA drivers so Comprousa.com Whois Lookup Why are these ads here? sorry to use so many etc... 0 liquidnet Posts: 3 Forum Member 18/07/05 21:04 #20 Hi guys, I still need to know whether this works with DVB Webscheduler (http://dvb-ws.sourceforge.net/). Cancelled the Subtitle Language option in Language menu.

Thanks Matt 0 DJ_M_Barnett Posts: 52 Forum Member 17/07/05 23:45 #19 scanner wrote: Have you tried scanning after 7pm as some channels do not broadcast during the day, worth a try It would be nice also if the software had the ability to distinguish between widescreen and 4:3 transmissions, so that it didn’t display 4:3 as stretched pictures. 0 DJ_M_Barnett Posts: 52 Flyview DVB-T Duo with digital and analogue receivers, plus Composite and SVHS input. Thank you. 0 martymart Posts: 242 Forum Member✭ 20/07/05 20:38 #22 sorry matt have not tried dvbwebscheduler 0 Lionhead Posts: 3 Forum Member 20/07/05 22:48 #23 Probably best to trawl through

Probably the most active is MediaPortal but all of them get regular updates. Unfortunately after a lot of experimenting I still can’t get the TV part of ‘MediaPortal’ to work, so reluctantly am giving up on that. User can launch an app by double pressing ‘OK’ button when air mouse function is enabled on the smart remote control. 2. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Grateful if martymart or anyone else who has managed to get this card to work with MediaPortal could advise re their MediaPortal settings, in particular: - confirm that they were using Like you I needed to upgrade before I could get anything but MuxD. 0 martymart Posts: 242 Forum Member✭ 10/07/05 20:56 #5 The card is called video mate T200 BDA Digital Now I need to get the remote settings right to use the Compro remote. 0 hedgidj Posts: 1,544 Forum Member✭✭✭ 10/07/05 23:29 #6 Do you know if this card is 8K Run the executable or extract the installation files to a location on your disk. 3.

Save the driver files to your computer. 2. If you’d like to join in, please sign in or register.