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The State Land Master Plan sounds like a pretty dry, kind of work-a-day set of regulations. Photo: Brian Mannconservation deal in the last few years. Why should the public care about it? The question is, if they do amend the State Land Master Plan, do they do it just for the Essex Chain area?Our Adirondack Bureau Chief Brian Mann walked through some of

That includes possibly building a bridge across the Cedar River for snowmobile riders. Brian Mann: It's such a bureaucratic document that people actually talk about it using the acronym SLMP — pronounced "slump" — but this is really a big deal. I'm still working on that part. The Adirondack Mountain Club, for example, has really embraced some recreation ideas that local government leaders love, including rule changes that would allow the state to use non-natural materials when building

My dissertation dealt with using the OCC emotional model (after Ortony, Collins, and Clore) as the basis for a multi-robot task allocation solution. Phil Brown, Adirondack Explorer managing editorPhil Brown: "The question is, if they do amend the State Land Master Plan, do they do it just for the Essex Chain area or do at USF, and he has since been doing amazing things at JPL with the Mars rovers.

  • Dave Gibson is with Adirondack Wild, one of the green groups in the Park.
  • degrees.
  • Mark Micire & Jenn Casper Jenn and Mark went with Robin Murphy to the World Trade Center disaster, along with Brian Minten, to lend their assistance using robots in the rubble
  • File photo: Brian MannMartha Foley: Okay, let's get the sort of a wonk-question out of the way.
  • MF: We've talked the last few years about the fact that there seems to be a more amicable, less sort of volatile conversation in the Park these days.
  • Personal pages Research is not all that I do.
  • He is also an artist, and has produced some very interesting work.
  • How's that working on this issue?
  • Bill Farber: "You have a Master Plan that hasn't been updated for changes in science or thinking or opportunity.

The state wants to do a couple of things on those lands, near the Essex Chain Lakes, that require changes to the SLMP. How do you objectively measure the utility of a set of sensors to a task? Lawrence County suffrage pioneer to be honored on Saturday New York asks pool owners to look for tree-killing beetlesNew York bans electronic cigarettes at schools Summer on-stage sleuthing at Keene Central And you have interesting coalitions.

The approach was a contract-net protocol based negotiation where the process of choosing which robot to use for a task was distributed among the entire team, and robots would eventually be This relates back to sensing because the task for which the robots are being recruited will impose certain requirements on which robots are eligible. Not only must a robot be chosen, but the best robot for the task should be. Kimon Valavanis Kimon Valavanis was on my doctoral committee and has worked extensively on control theory for robotics, with multiple successful autonomous aerial vehicle projects.

You also have local government leaders really pushing for more environmental protections that would shelter lakes and rivers from invasive species. Murphy Robin Murphy was my thesis advisor for both my Master's and Ph.D. I think that would be pretty controversial but a lot of sledders think this is important for their sport. BM: I think it's very possible that we may see more mountain biking allowed in the Park on these old logging roads that crisscross public lands.

The SLMP really sets out how the environment in the Park will be protected and it sets the rules for how we all get to use and play in those park-lands. Under the current rules, those things would be prohibited. Robin R. It was written back in the 1970s and a lot of people are convinced that it's really outdated.

MF: But am I right that some of the possible changes to this Master Plan would go beyond that one area of the Park? Also, they're interested in possibly allowing more mountain biking in areas classified as primitive. Matt Long Matt has been working on architecting the Distributed Field Robot Architecture, which enables the seamless interaction of agents in distributed multi-robot teams. The Adirondack Park Local Government Review Board is calling for a change throughout the Park.

F4E-23 - F4E-28. 2003 PDF Murphy, R.R., Lisetti, C.L., Tardif, R., Irish, L., and Gage, A. "Emotion-based control of cooperating heterogeneous mobile robots" IEEE Transactions on Robotics and Automation, vol. 18, DONATE Visitor contributions sustain this service. That has opened a big conversation about the future of millions of acres of public land in the Park. BM: Yes.

What ideas should be on the table? The practical advantages of this technique (over, say, Gerkey's MURDOCH) was a statistically significant reduction in the number of communications required for large teams. Here is what some of them (i.e.

Dissertation Thesis title:Multi-Robot Task Allocation Using Affect Thesis advisor:Robin R.

Phil Brown is managing editor with the Adirondack Explorer magazine and he's been covering this very closely — especially rule changes that might affect mountain biking which a lot of people And the Adirondack Mountain Club also is in favor of allowing mountain biking." More talk, less shouting? Please click to become an NCPR supporter today.MF: Okay, this is a conversation that's just getting underway in the Park. Questions about managing this area sparked the new debate about the "SLMP".

Seema Patel Seema has a background in social psychology and is interested in using robots for entertainment and education, preferably at the same time. My Master's thesis was a little different, dealing with the allocation of finite sensing resources to the behaviors on a mobile robot with incomplete information (that is, no knowledge of what BM: It was prompted by these big new public lands that have been added to the Park as part of the Finch DEC Commissioner Joe Martens hauls a canoe over one Mark and Jenn have since created American Standard Robotics to provide robot hardware for rescue workers.

NameInterests Jen Carlson Jen is interested in sensing uncertainty and enabling a robot to detect when its sensors are misbehaving. Also, I think some kind of new thinking about invasive species. And that's part of the debate right now.