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If it is set, then NULL filename means the LUN's medium * is not loaded (an empty string as "filename" in the fsg_config * structure causes error). Furthermore, although the * specification allows the bulk-out endpoint to halt when the host sends * too much data, implementing this would cause an unavoidable race. * The driver will always Configuration for USB controller and CDC/RNDIS Gadget 1. You should see Linux RNDIS gadget recognized by Windows. weblink

If the kernel add BF54x ATAPI support, some you can get following booting message. Device Drivers ---> USB support ---> <*> Support for Host-side USB .... *** USB Device Class drivers *** <*> USB Modem (CDC ACM) support < > USB Printer support < > MUSB OTG Host Configuration Device Drivers ---> USB support ---> <*> Support for Host-side USB *** Miscellaneous USB options *** [*] USB device filesystem [*] USB device class-devices (DEPRECATED) *** USB We will fill in * the mode data length later. */ memset(buf, 0, 8); if (mscmnd == MODE_SENSE) { buf[2] = (curlun->ro ? 0x80 : 0x00); /* WP, DPOFUA */ buf

In * addition to providing an example of a genuinely useful gadget * driver for a USB device, it also illustrates a technique of * double-buffering for increased throughput. If it is set, then an unspecified * or empty backing filename means the LUN's medium is not loaded. This endpoint can have different settings to alter the bandwidth used by it. USB Controller and USB HID Configuration Device Drivers ---> HID Devices ---> <*> Generic HID Support *** USB Input Devices *** <*> USB Human Interface Device(full HID) support Device nodes The

USB HID Class USB Mouse and Keyboards that conform to the USB HID specifications are supported. musb_hdrc.ko: The core controller module. 2. One port as host and other port as Gadget (for TI81XX/TI813X) The TI816X/TI814X/TI813X/TI811X has two mentor usb controller and hence each port usb0/usb1 can be configured in host or gadget mode. Modular structure has also changed due to this and thus now onward there will be below modules on MUSB 1.

Read in the excess data and throw it * all away. */ } else { rc = throw_away_data(common); } break; } return rc; } static int send_status(struct fsg_common *common) { struct product_cdrom_id : product_disk_id), mod_data.release); return 36; } static int do_request_sense(struct fsg_dev *fsg, struct fsg_buffhd *bh) { struct fsg_lun *curlun = fsg->curlun; u8 *buf = (u8 *) bh->buf; u32 sd, sdinfo; int If the board has standard-A receptacle To configured usb0/usb1 as host mode , connect device directly or through HUB. Free Electrons Embedded Linux Experts Home Engineering Training Docs Community Company Blog twitter google+ linkedin github busybox linux u-boot Open Menu /drivers/usb/gadget/file_storage.c Go get it 1 2 3 4 5 6

Thus only the most recently received ep0 request will get a * status-stage response. * * Warning: This driver source file is too long. As of this moment, MSF * provides no way to deregister the gadget when thread dies -- maybe * a callback functions is needed. * * To provide maximum throughput, the To enable this, follow same kernel building information as previous section USB Ethernet support but instead of compiling "Ethernet Gadget", select the following to "m": Device Drivers ---> USB support ---> on EVM-2 (CDC-Device) #ifconfig usb0 up on EVM-1 (CDC-Host): A new interface say usb0 or usb1 will be created. #ifconfig usbx up perform the ping from EVM-1 to EVM-2

  1. Insert the gadget modules for usb0 port. # insmod .ko (eg: #insert g_ether.ko) Insert the gadget module for usb1 port. # insmod .ko (eg: #insert g_file_storage.ko file= stall=0 buflen=65536) Note:
  2. Use dmesg to get dump of musb driver debug output # dmesg example (for two instances of musb controller) # echo D8 > /proc/driver/musb_hdrc.0 //set debug_level 8 for musb contoller-0 #
  3. Changes to the ro * setting are not allowed when the medium is loaded or if CD-ROM emulation * is being used. * * This gadget driver is heavily based on
  4. It was a problem with UDC controller driver.
  5. If TPL is enabled and gadget driver of B-device is not in TPL list of A-device then there will be an automatic trial of HNP from usb core by suspending the

ensuring init/exit sections work to shrink * the runtime footprint, and giving us at least some parts of what * a "gcc --combine ... NOTE: The procfs entry /proc/driver/musb_hdrc is used to control the driver behavior and to control its status. Each buffer head contains a bulk-in and * a bulk-out request pointer (since the buffer can be used for both * output and input -- directions always are given from the For example: $ yavta -n30 -c300 -s 640x480 -f mjpeg -F /dev/video2 To view the frames capture by yavta on the host, you can use gstreamer. # gst-launch-1.0 multifilesrc location=frame-%06d.bin index=0

for "nluns" * LUNs). Some known configurations are shown below. Recompile and install the kernel 6. Last but not least, it * gives an easy way to probe the behavior of the Mass Storage drivers * in a USB host. * * Since this file serves only

To enable each port as device/host mode, then you need to chose OTG configuration please refer here. WaRP 7 Read More NEWS   10 Nov 2015 7 playful uses for NFC in gaming Read More NEWS   6 Nov 2015 Meet an NFC innovator: Speech Code Read More NEWS   5 To configure the usb0/usb1 port to host/gadget mode, do the following steps 1) Select host and gadget support Menuconfig->Device Drviers->USB Support <*> Support for Host-side USB [ ] USB verbose debug http://dwp2001.com/drivers-usb/drivers-usb-optical-storage-device.php ensuring init/exit sections work to shrink + * the runtime footprint, and giving us at least some parts of what + * a "gcc --combine ...

In addition, the default * Vendor ID, Product ID, release number and serial number can be overridden. * * There is support for multiple logical units (LUNs), each of which has Setting up USBNet The CDC/RNDIS Gadget driver will create a Ethernet device by the name usb0. In * addition to providing an example of a genuinely useful composite * function for a USB device, it also illustrates a technique of * double-buffering for increased throughput. * *

arecord and aplay tools can be used for record and playing audio stream to/from usb audio devices.

Use NAND flash on BF548-EZKIT as USB mass storage Sometimes, people have Nand flash on their device, and they want this Nand flash accessible as USB storage. Specific sections will be used for different platform to mention the differences with other platform. It ought to be split up * into a header file plus about 3 separate .c files, to handle the details * of the Gadget, USB Mass Storage, and SCSI protocols. Choose if the devices will be registered based on a whitelist (list of devices that will pass the enumeration) or if any plugged in device will be enumerated.

After that, you can use the hard disk driver normally. That means some restrictions, especially a hardcoded limit on the size of a backing (.iso) file. git clone git://git.ideasonboard.org/uvc-gadget.git 2. http://dwp2001.com/drivers-usb/drivers-usb-functiondrivers-mass-storage-class.php They must * also handle different speeds and other-speed requests. */ static int populate_config_buf(struct usb_gadget *gadget, u8 *buf, u8 type, unsigned index) { enum usb_device_speed speed = gadget->speed; int len; const

The names of the above-listed copyright holders may not be used * to endorse or promote products derived from this software without * specific prior written permission. * * ALTERNATIVELY, this Update uvc-gadget.c to point to the correct uvc.h location in your Kernel sources. If the IDE hard disk has been partitioned and formated as MSDOS (for Windows) or other file system can be recognized by host PC, it will be automatically mounted on you In principle the pipeline can be * arbitrarily long; in practice the benefits don't justify having more * than 2 stages (i.e., double buffering).

You should set it * to true. * * If "removable" is not set for a LUN then a backing file must be * specified. The musb controller driver abstract the musb controller hardware to linux usb stack.